FUT 17 – Tip – To climb the agreement of the player without undermining its ratio


Very interesting in this early season of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, the team building challenges transfer market and the panic that many of the users.

If the first challenges are quite simple and basic, the most full-bodied, such as hybrid or some occasional challenges like “Faithful” , may request a perfect collective agreement with each of the players to 10. FIFA 17 Hack

As we explained in the proposal of the challenge “Faithful”, there are two methods for this famous perfect agreement.

– The first is to have achieved the all players on your challenge in packs which, unless packer lot and have lots of luck, is hardly possible. Especially as these challenges are quite demanding.

– The second one is to make friends offline (Easier) to bring up the agreement of your player. The thing is that it is very very long.

There for this second method a little trick which, although it is not very classy, save time.

Here’s how:

  • Going to a singles competition,
  • Put on your team the players you want to advance in agreement,
  • Start a game, astuces fifa 17
  • Wait kick,
  • Once the ball is in play, closing the application via the game menu,
  • Restart the game and repeat.

If all goes well, your ratio does not decrease unlike the agreement of your players.

We must therefore make it ten times that your players reach the maximum score.

This does not save the contract but it makes you lose less time …

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